Posted On: May 21, 2024

MSC to Release Three Green Turtles May 22

Three juvenile green sea turtles will get a new lease on life when Marine Science Center staff releases them back into the ocean at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 22. 

Manchego and Nettle were suffering from pneumonia when they stranded in Volusia County waters in March, while Swiss was found in New Smyrna Beach on April 4 with a missing left front flipper due to predation.

Following rehabilitation and treatment with fluids, antibiotics and vitamins, the turtles have been approved for release by Marine Science Center veterinarian Brooke Burkhalter, who noted that Swiss can swim well with a missing flipper.

Weather and surf depending, the release will take place at the Beach Street Ramp in Ponce Inlet. Paid beach parking is available on the south side of the ramp, tide permitting. Viewers can also park without charge at the Marine Science Center and walk to the beach.

The Marine Science Center is open to the public at 100 Lighthouse Drive, Ponce Inlet. Visitors may view the turtle and bird hospitals and explore a marine display area every day but Monday. For more information, visit or call 386-304-5545.