rehabilitated sea turtle releases into the ocean from the beach

Since opening in 2002, the Marine Science Center has been a committed leader in local conservation efforts. Our environmental education programs and exhibits provide visitors with hands-on opportunities to learn about and appreciate the fragile marine ecosystems of Volusia County. Our rehabilitation hospitals serve as a sanctuary for sick or injured wildlife, and thousands of animals native to our area have been successfully treated and returned to the wild. Beyond that, our employees and volunteers are involved with many other conservation and research projects that expand our scientific understanding of nature and address issues that impact environments within Volusia County and beyond.

eel living in in an artificial reef


The Marine Science Center provides educational and scientific support to help promote the area's Artificial Reef Program. Visitors to the MSC can meet some of our area's reef inhabitants personally by way of our 5,000-gallon Artificial Reef exhibit.

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pelican on the beach with wings expanded


The Mary Keller Seabird Rehabilitation Sanctuary is fully equipped to care for and treat injured and sick birds. The MSC has treated more than 18,000 birds from more than 200 different species and admits approximately 1,200 birds annually.

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manatee swimming in clear blue water


Volusia County residents and visitors can think globally and act locally during the annual coastal cleanups. The MSC partners with Volusia County‚Äôs Environmental Management Division and volunteers to remove trash from beaches, rivers and parks during these events.

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scuba diver doing underwater research about reefs


The Marine Science Center is involved with artificial reef surveys, black back gull banding, shorebird nesting surveys and many other activities that enrich and promote animal and sea life as well as their habitat.

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injured sea turtle being nursed back to health


One of the main missions of the Marine Science Center is sea turtle rehabilitation. Since opening in 2002, the sea turtle hospital at the Marine Science Center has cared for nearly 1,500 juvenile and adult sea turtles; more than 20,000 hatchlings and washbacks; and nearly 1,700 gopher tortoises, freshwater turtles and snakes.

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