classroom of kids and instructor observing snakes

Below are some of the presentations you may be able to experience during your visit to the Marine Science Center (MSC). Check the posted daily schedule when you arrive for live animal and feeding presentations. Presentations may vary due to animal availability and behavior.

Live animal presentations

Raptors Live

Meet our resident birds of prey up close and personal. These presentations teach you about the two sides of our bird rehabilitation: our bird patients and our residents.  During these live presentations, you will be able to get some great photographs.

Bird Boardwalk Talks

Walk over to our bird sanctuary and meet our resident fine feathered Florida friends. Learn about ways you can help protect and conserve them and their habitats.

Reptile Talks

Join our educators and resident box turtle in the classroom to learn about these unique Florida residents and the difference between treating pets and wild animals. Meet our resident pine snake. You will discover where this animal sometimes hides and another amazing reptile that keeps him safe.

Gopher Tortoise Presentations

Here you will meet our resident gopher tortoise, “Winkie”, and learn why he is unable to be released back to the wild.

Turtle Talks on the Turtle Terrace

Learn about our patients, their injuries and/or illnesses, and how we treat them here at the Marine Science Center in hopes of releasing them back into the natural habitat.

Sea turtle nesting talks at the Dune Exhibit

Find out which sea turtles nest on our 50 miles of Volusia County beaches and how volunteers monitor the progress and success rates of our nests.

Talks at the sea turtle hospital window

During the day, our staff is working on several different veterinary procedures with our reptile patients. When they bring up a turtle, one of our education staff members or volunteers will be at the window to explain what’s going on.

Daily Feeding Presentations (May vary due to animal availability and behavior)

  • Touch Tank in the main gallery showcasing cownose rays, clearnose skates, Atlantic sharpnose ray, and bamboo sharks: Daily 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Feeding the community of fish that live in our natural reef tank.
  • Feeding the Jetty and Estuary exhibits. Do you know your Florida fish?
  • Feeding the inhabitants of the Blue Room. Learn about the venomous lionfish and docile seahorses.

You are welcome to take photographs while you are visiting the MSC; however, we ask that you take pictures with no flash photography. Thank you.