sea turtle rehabilitation tanks at the marine science center

View the rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles undergoing treatment and recovery from the Marine Science Center Turtle Terrace.

  • Guests can overlook eight turtle hospital pools in front of the main facility. These pools house sick and injured sea turtles, hatchlings and washbacks (newly hatched baby sea turtles that are washed back to shore by rough seas) under rehabilitation. The rehabilitating hatchlings, washbacks and sea turtles are released upon full recovery.
  • Life size three-dimensional models of sea turtles, including the massive leatherback turtle, are on display. How do you measure up?
  • Monitors tell the stories of some of the current patients you’ll see at the Marine Science Center.
  • Educational displays warn about harmful effects that plastic and marine debris have on sea turtles and marine environments. View X-rays showing foreign objects turtles have ingested, and see actual items that were removed from sick turtles, such as fishing hooks, plastic and balloons.