kid dissecting a squid

The Marine Science Center includes a multi-use classroom laboratory that provides daily live reptile and bird presentations, hands-on interactive opportunities, and space for special educational events. Our resident animals include a pine snake, box turtle, mud turtle and various aquariums.

With the Marine Science Center’s vision of rehabilitation and education, our laboratory offers an up-close opportunity to view preserved specimens like an alligator skull, loggerhead sea turtle shell and various other animals. Feel an anaconda skin, touch real corals and shells, use our resource library, or sit for an arts and crafts class. It’s all related to the ocean environment and the animals that live in it.

  • Check the posted daily schedule when you arrive for live animal presentations.
  • Fascinating programs are offered to enhance the public’s knowledge and awareness of sea turtles, shorebirds, whales and sea creatures.

The Classroom Laboratory may occasionally be closed briefly for special events like field trips or summer camps.