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What you'll see at the Marine Science Center

Exhibit gallery
Experience Florida's marine environments as you journey through a mangrove estuary and make it past one of Florida's well known insects, watch out, she bites. Then marvel at the size of a Humpback Whale skull and take a moment to sit and enjoy our living reef aquarium. Then, it is on to the freshwater turtles and look through our window into the turtle rehabilitation area. You may see one of our staff helping a patient. Journey past a dune habitat and look inside the cross section of a sea turtle nest. These hatchlings will make their way across the sand and into the Atlantic Ocean and here in our Jetty exhibit you will view a wide variety of local fish. In the center of our Gallery we have a 5,000 gallon hexagonal artificial reef aquarium and then, get your hands wet – literally – at our stingray touch pool that features cownose rays.

Mangrove display

How do you size up?
Stand next to a full size manatee or measure yourself next to a giant leatherback sea turtle. Check out whale skulls and 300-year-old brain coral!

Mary Keller Seabird rehabilitation Sanctuary
Discover new bird enclosures as you stroll the wooden “birdwalk” while gaining a better understanding of various bird species. The Center’s goal is to release each bird back to the breeding population. However, non-releasable birds are housed and can be viewed for greater understanding of that species.

Bird Observation Tower
Visit the tower nestled within the maritime habitat. Take in the outstanding view of the surrounding area including Ponce Inlet while searching the skies for bald eagles, osprey, and Peregrine falcons and various other bird species including pelicans, terns, cormorants, herons, and egrets.

Nature Trail
Meander through a handicap-friendly trail observing the natural flora and fauna of Ponce Inlet.

Classroom Lab
Check out the laboratory where students young and old discover the wonders of animals, habitats and conservation. Special lectures and labs are held several times a month and are open to the public. Programs include Shark Biology, Introduction to Birding, and Squid Dissection among others. Check the program/activities section of marine science center's web site (link) for details.

Turtle Terrace
See rehabilitation in action! Observe injured sea turtles as they receive specialized care in and effort to return these threatened and endangered species to their natural habitat. Posted information explains each turtles’ identification and diagnosis.

Marine Science Center Gift Shop
The gift shop offers a wide variety of merchandise for all ages including t-shirts, gold and silver jewelry, books, toys, educational items and garden treasures. Much of the merchandise represents Marine Science Center endeavors. Unusual turtle, bird, dolphin, manatee, and other sea life items are available at great prices.