sea turtle walking towards the ocean on the beach

The Marine Science Center offers exceptional educational experiences that challenge, enhance and transform visitors’ awareness of the coastal environments around them and teach the importance of being good stewards of our fragile marine environment.

Educators provide formal educational programs for the thousands of schoolchildren who visit the center, as well as public programs, live animal demonstrations, special events, outreach programs and summer camps.

Partnering with educational and research institutions, private and civic groups and businesses is another important key to successfully fulfilling the mission of the Marine Science Center. These partnerships strengthen the center’s ability to reach more adults, children and students. Further development of these partnerships is crucial for future successes. 

All the Marine Science Center’s projects, whether planned as an exhibit expansion or envisioned as part of an institutional expansion, are dependent on continued support of the County Council and Volusia County citizenry. Economic and environmental factors will continue to play a critical role in the center's success.

Become a Partner

Become a partner with the MSC and your business or family name will be added to our Wall of Wonderful viewed by all visitors to the Marine Science Center.

  • Founder.... $5,000 and up
  • Guardian... $3,000 - $4,999
  • Patron....... $1,000 - 2,999
  • Friend....... $500 - $999

Donations are handled through the Friends of the Marine Science Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports the mission of the Volusia County Marine Science Center (MSC) by raising funds for MSC equipment needed in the sea turtle and bird hospitals, new displays, and educational events. Friends of the Marine Science Center webpage.