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School Field Trip Questions and Answers

Why should I bring my class to the Marine Science Center?
The Marine Science Center offers ten field trip options which will provide your class with an exciting educational adventure. Observing rehabilitating Sea Turtles and birds, bird field trips, Exhibit Gallery, and educational beach activities are a unique and fun way to educate all ages about the fragile environment in Florida.

What is the field trip fee at the Marine Science Center?
Fees are based on the program chosen.
Teachers are Free and Chaperons are $5.00 whichever program chosen.  Payment should be made upon the arrival to the Marine Science Center. Please make checks payable to: County of Volusia Marine Science Center.  All programs are Tax Exempt.

When are school field trips offered?
Field Trips are offered while school is in session; Tuesday through Friday and may start as early as 9:00 am or as late as 11:00 am. Start and finish times can be modified if time is a problem because of your school's distance to the Marine Science Center.

How do I book a field trip to the Marine Science Center?
Call the Field Trip Coordinator, Michelle Webster at (386) 304-5529, to reserve a date for your field trip.

What do we do about lunch?
Lunches are not provided by the Marine Science Center and must be brought by individuals attending programs. Weather permitting, lunch will be eaten under the beach pavilion at Lighthouse Point Park, on the back porch of the science center,
or in the park between the Marine Science Center and the Lighthouse.

What happens if it rains?
Programs will be modified if inclement weather occurs. The beach activities will be replaced with activities at the Marine Science Center.

How many students can the Marine Science Center accommodate for such field trips?
The program numbers vary depending on which field trip is chosen.  See the field trip program option pages.

Where is the Marine Science Center located?
The Marine Science Center is located at 100 Lighthouse Drive in Ponce Inlet. Drive south on South Atlantic Avenue, until it ends at the tollbooth for Lighthouse Point Park. Turn right at Lighthouse Drive. The main entry for the Marine Science Center is located on the right side of Lighthouse Drive.

Where do the students get dropped off?
If arriving by bus, please stop the bus on the north (right) side of Lighthouse Drive directly in front of the Marine Science Center entrance sign. Students will be escorted up the main sidewalk to the front entrance of the Marine Science Center. If arriving by separate cars, please park in the main parking lot to the right on Lighthouse Drive. Take the boardwalk to the Marine Science Center.

Where do we park the bus?
After safely dropping off the students, proceed west (straight) down Lighthouse Drive to the stop sign; turn right, park at the boat trailer parking on the right.
Most programs will finish walking the students out through our bird sanctuary and we will escort you out of the back gate to where the bus is parked.

When else is the bus needed during the school field trips?
The bus must be available to take students to and from the Marine Science Center and Lighthouse Point Park during the field trip for beach activities. Upon arrival the driver will get specific instructions on your program schedule.

Is there a gift shop at the Marine Science Center?
There is a wonderful gift shop at the Marine Science Center that features unique marine themed gifts and educational materials at affordable prices. Everything from informative books to beautiful jewelry can be purchased during a scheduled time for the gift shop. Proceeds help pay for the operation of the facility and care for the animals.
Please make sure you let the MSC know that you would like gift shop time and make sure the children have their money with them when they are dropped off. Sometimes children have their money in their lunch box and these are left on the bus. Our gift shop only has one register so we need to send small groups throughout your visit and so we will include this as a center.

How should I prepare my students for a day at the Marine Science Center?
If you choose an outside field trip:

  • Make sure they are ready for outside beach activities. They should dress appropriately; wear sunscreen, and a hat.  For some field trips close toed shoes and bathing suits are necessary.
  • Even though water fountains are available, students should be encouraged to bring a portable water bottle.