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Field guide to marine inhabitants - Invertebrates

Family: Octopodidae

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Photo Courtesy of “Volusia County Marine Science Center”

Caribbean Two-Spot Octopus
Prepared by Jessica Tokarz

Octopus filosus

Range: Octopus filosus is very common off the coast of Haiti and can also be found near the Bahamas, Caribbean, and occasionally Florida. The species inhabits shallow coral reefs.

Similar Species: Possessing similar morphology, coloration and skin texture, the Common Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) is often mistaken for the Caribbean Two-Spot Octopus. However, the common octopus lacks ocelli, or blue rings which create false eye markings located below the true eyes.

Identification: Octopus filosus, like all octopus, has the ability to change its coloration to match its surroundings making it highly variable in color. However, the color is often mottled in appearance. Unique blue rings located under the true eyes create a false eye marking called an ocellus, which are extremely helpful in identifying the species from other local octopus.

: Not much information is available on this species.

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