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Volusia County Marine Science Center released loggerhead turtle trio

Volusia County Marine Science Center (MSC) rehabilitation team members released three loggerhead sea turtles on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013. The releases were on the beach immediately north of the Beach Street ramp in Ponce Inlet.

Zee is a large sub-adult loggerhead that stranded May 1 at the jetty in Ponce de Leon Inlet. Zee was found by the family of MSC volunteer Arthur DeWolf who were at the beach while visiting from the Netherlands. The turtle was named Zeeschildpad (the Dutch word for sea turtle), shortened to Zee (Dutch for the sea). Zee washed ashore very underweight, dehydrated and anemic. The turtle's shell was covered in barnacles and algae which indicated that it had been debilitated and floating at sea for an extended period before stranding. During rehabilitation at the MSC, Zee gained nearly 18 pounds and now weighs 131 lbs.

Zee arriving at the MSC

Zee after rehabilitation

Zee back on the beach

Zee going into the surf

Seymour is a juvenile loggerhead that was caught May 9 by a fisherman on hook and line off of the Sunglow Pier. The fisherman notified beach patrol officers who rescued the turtle via paddleboard. Luckily the hook was only snagged on a barnacle on its shell (not ingested) but the turtle was covered in barnacles and floating near the shore because it had been sick for a prolonged period of time and was debilitated. The officers paddled the turtle to shore and transported it to the MSC for rehabilitation. Seymour was underweight, dehydrated and severely anemic. During rehabilitation, Seymour gained nearly eight pounds and now weighs 55 lbs.

Seymour arriving at the MSC

Seymour after rehabilitation

Seymour being released

Seymour going into the surf

Parker is a sub-adult loggerhead that was found stranded on New Smyrna Beach with a fishing hook in the corner of his mouth and some old wounds to the shell. The turtle also was dehydrated and anemic. Rehabbers at MSC removed the hook and cleaned the wounds. During rehabilitation, Parker gained nearly five pounds and now weighs almost 85 lbs.

Parker arriving at the MSC

Parker after rehabilitation

Parker being released

Parker being released